Thermoplastic injection

The injection equipment accounts for the largest part of our production. The design is based on new technics and greater reliability. We put at our customers our experience in the manufacturing of equipment in various sectors:

  • Automobile
  • Electricity
  • Electronic devices
  • Médical
  • Houseware
  • Building
  • Aéronotic
  • Industry

Among these sectors, many type of thermoplastic used:
Such as PP – PA – PBT – PC – POM – PEEK – PAI – PEI – PPS – LCP – PPO – ABS – ABS/PC – ABSPA – ASA …

Achieving an effective tool is linked to knowledge of plastics.

Technologies injection tools:

  • Mono and multi-cavity
  • Complex mechanism
  • High precision
  • Unscrewing (multi-cavity)
  • Over-molding (insert metal and plastic)
  • 2k-material (rotating, transfer, etc …)
  • Stack-mold
  • Thin wall

IMPEC MOLD meets the requirements of our customers and delivers tools Allowing them to be competitive, Provides technical solutions on the appropriate type of equipment to their products and their market.

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